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Professor Ron Grunstein AM

Professor of Sleep Medicine


Is Putin's "success" due to his good sleep hygiene ?

Posted: November 16, 2014

sleepy putin 1

sleepy putin

An early departure from the G20 by Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin sent the media crazy yesterday. Was it a solid “shirt front” gone wrong with Tony Abbott or a weak handshake by mild-mannered Canadian Steven Harper or poor placement in the group photo on Saturday ?? Or was a an appointment in Siberia to wrestle a few bears (not the koala variety). None of these. Vlad just wanted a good night’s sleep before turning up to work at the Kremlin on Monday ! A good reason considering the important of adequate sleep to executive functioning and judgement. As Vlad knows, truncated sleep could result in an ill-timed invasion or another outraged oligarch and he wouldn’t want that. I doubt whether Vlad will be in the running for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine award for political service to the sleep cause (usually won by US legislators or public health officials) but we may try a nomination for setting a good example to people in leadership positions.